Monday, November 14, 2011

"Voices From the Occupations"

Clockwise from top left: Natalie Wahlberg, Occupy Chicago; Caitlin Manning, Occupy Oakland; Sam Jewler, Occupy DC; Jesse Myerson, Occupy Wall Street.

Jeremy Gantz (In These Times):
Why occupy? Four Occupy activists from around the U.S. discuss the nation’s newest movement.---The Occupy protesters have been ridiculed by the press, celebrated by the left, and reviled by the right—but rarely allowed to speak for themselves. After the initial New York protest morphed into a national movement in October, reporters struggled to understand the spectacle and pundits stepped in to pontificate and prognosticate. They were right about one thing: United in anger, the mostly young protesters have lost faith in America’s political and economic system—but they don’t always agree on how to repair it.

In late October, In These Times held a conference call with protesters around the country, hoping to illuminate their intentions, ideals and ultimate goals.

Joining the discussion were Caitlin Manning, a filmmaker involved with Occupy Oakland; Jesse Myerson, a member of Occupy Wall Street’s Media and Labor Outreach committees; Sam Jewler, who quit an internship to dedicate his time to Occupy DC; and Natalie Wahlberg, an unemployed college instructor on Occupy Chicago’s Press Committee. They spoke about why they think electoral politics is a waste of time, how winter will impact the movement and what they’ve learned from the homeless. MORE...

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