Friday, October 23, 2009

KCTS9: "Watch the Mallahan-McGinn Debate"(video, with reax)

KCTS9, video, Part 1 (21:36). Here are Part 2 (18:27) and Part 3 (15:49).

Howie P.S.: Liveblogging from Erica C. Barnett (Publicola) here. Post-debate wisdom from Christopher Frizzelle (SLOG), who's still not a Mallahan fan, here. Jonathan Martin (Seattle Times) describes the debate as "Competing in Seattle's liberal Olympics." Kery Murakami (Seattle PostGlobe) writes "Mallahan opposes higher parking taxes for viaduct, worries of impact on suburban shoppers."

Joel Connelly likens the debate to a Wolverine v. St. Bernard encounter. Connelly's impression of the candidates:
McGinn is an attorney, his debating style suggesting a man who has learned how to seize opportunities in courtroom combat and talk to a jury. He has gained a media amen corner and cheering section - The Stranger, Publicola and liberal Web sites - with his performances.

Mallahan is a businessman, improving on the stump but still admittedly awkward at times.

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