Monday, October 12, 2009

Netroots Career Tip of the Day

Yahoo hotjobs:
12 Jobs That Didn't Exist Until Recently--Social media is a specialty field of public relations that uses the growing social networking technologies, including RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. A few years ago, social media duties were performed by marketing managers or communications directors. Now there is a social media career track.

An entry-level company blogger can earn less than $20 per hour (and many blogging jobs are part-time). A director of social media, the top of the social media chain, can pull in $70,000 or more. In the middle, a social media manager, can expect to earn around $50,000. A bachelor's degree is usually required, and job seekers should possess strong writing abilities and a keen understanding of online marketing, public relations, and new media.
Howie P.S.: Pass this on to all your friends and family who view your online time as time-wasting.

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