Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sable Verity: "Tunnel Vision" in the Seattle mayoral race (audio)

Sable Verity, audio.

Howie P.S. : I just recently discovered Sable Verity and her blog of the same name. Now KBCS (Bellevue College radio station) has offered her a regular radio gig. I already wrote her a fan letter, so I won't gush further.Here's how KBCS introduced her on her very own web page they created:
Sable Verity is one of few women bloggers of color in the Pacific Northwest covering issues that directly impact minority families. Sable looks at the world through a sociological perspective, no matter how mundane the situation may seem.

Mother, writer and activist, editor and founder of the SV, friends (and enemies) describe Sable Verity as a tireless advocate (or that bitch that just won’t go away), who believes in speaking (ranting) the truth (her irrational race-tinged views).

Sable Verity's Commentaries air every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:50 pm during Hard Knock Radio and every Thursday at 5:50 pm during One World Report.

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