Monday, November 19, 2007


Josh Marshall has put three posts in the last 12 hours directed at Obama's campaign. The first one ends with this:
As it is, at the beginning of the last debate when they both made their basic pitch for their candidacy, it was Hillary's poll-tested platitudes and then Obama criticizing Hillary's establishmentarian platitudes with platitudes about change and other platitudes about avoiding platitudes.
The second one ends with this:
In any case, going back to the point of the original post, Obama is starting to go on the attack against Hillary. But I agree with Reed that he's not in any meaningful sense on the offensive. Hillary's taken some real hits over the last few weeks. But her campaign still maintains the initiative. And it's being run on her team's script.
The last one,this morning, has this:
The reason it seemed like it might be different this time is that Obama was raising the kind of money that would allow him to match Hillary dollar for dollar in ads, foot soldiers and infrastructure. But so far I haven't seen a case made for Obama over Hillary behind the fact that it'd be cooler to have him as president than her -- a point I concede, but one I doubt is sufficient to get him the nomination.

And the truth is that however we got to this point, he needs to take the initiative and change the dynamic of the race. Or else the conclusion we're headed toward looks pretty clear.

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