Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Hillary Lurks in Shadows, While Obama Leads on ‘Republican Attack’ against Democrats"

Think On These Things:
The Clinton campaign has prided itself on saying that if the Republicans try to attack, “we will hit you back so hard it will make your head spin.”

So if the Clinton spokesperson is telling the truth when he says the Robert Novak article was simply an attack on the Democratic Party designed to create dissension, then where’s Hillary? Isn’t she supposed to be making someone’s head spin right about now?

Barack Obama came forward personally to take leadership on this issue and made a strong statement (also placed on the front page of his website) to the American people asking that any scandals be brought out into the open and that he will not stand for smear politics against the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton’s personal silence on someone supposedly using her name to attack the Democratic Party is deafening.

Howie P.S.: She focused her attack on Obama, not Novak.

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