Monday, November 19, 2007

"Clinton and Obama and capitulation"

I don't know how many times I've written this, and maybe I'm just wasting my time, but rather than talk about leadership, Obama and Clinton could actually shows us what that leadership looks like by fighting to prevent the Senate from capitulating on Iraq.

Seriously, Barack and Hillary have the biggest soapbox in Democratic politics -- bigger than Reid or Pelosi -- and don't use it nearly enough to help advance the national agenda.

Capitulation in the Senate isn't a done deal. Republicans are smugly sitting back assuming it'll happen. We're so jaded by now, that we assume it'll happen. The Very. Smart. People. in DC, completely out of touch with America, think capitulation is the right thing and required for "compromise" (which is always a one-way street, of course).

But they could surprise, and the chances of that happening would rise if the Senate's two highest profile members actually started showing some of that leadership they keep talking about.
Howie P.S.: All I know is Clinton and Obama may have the "biggest soapbox in Democratic politics" but Bush has the biggest array of military power on the planet at his disposal.

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