Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BusinessWeek: “The Health Insurers Have Already Won” (with video and audio)

Democracy Now! with video and audio:
In a cover story for BusinessWeek earlier this month, reporters Chad Terhune and Keith Epstein argue UnitedHealth and other insurers maneuvered to shape healthcare reform for their own benefit. The story is titled “The Health Insurers Have Already Won,” and the authors argue that the insurers have “succeeded in redefining the terms of the reform debate to such a degree that no matter what specifics emerge in the voluminous bill Congress may send to President Obama this fall, the insurance industry will emerge more profitable.” We speak with Chad Terhune, senior writer at BusinessWeek, where he’s covered healthcare for several years. [includes rush transcript]
Howie P.S.: If this true, why are they fighting Obama so hard?

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