Saturday, August 08, 2009

Susie "my lips are sealed" Hutchison (with video) (Updated)

UPDATE: My partner (who prefers to remain anonymous) corrects me to say Susie never wanted the records released and Palin could also be considered a cougar.

Seattle PI and Seattle Times with video (02:36).

Howie P.S.: Judge releases records in her case against KIRO and now she says she can't comment and "defend herself." My advice to Susie would have been
"Take the 150K!" And don't go canoeing at Sunriver when you have called in sick, even if your hemorrhoids are feeling better!
If Caribou Barbie was a cougar...
Dominic Holden (The Stranger) delves deeper: "Deceptive, Delusional, Unpopular: A Portrait of Susan Hutchison." The AP story, Docs: Hutchison badmouthed, accused, lied" won't help her, either. KIRO-TV has a story that provides a few new, though minor, details and a quote from Larry Phillips.

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