Friday, August 07, 2009

Joe Mallahan: "Leadership for a Better Seattle" (with video)

MallahanforMayor with video (00:32):

My campaign is really picking up steam. We are working on all cylinders and we're seeing the results - KING5 released a poll yesterday showing us in second place with 19 percent; only three points behind Nickels! The timing of this momentum couldn't be better, as we enter the final stretch before the August 18th primary.

Things are really moving on this campaign. But now, as we build momentum, the primary election gets closer and closer, and we become more and more of a threat to the Nickels Machine, here come the attacks.

Just yesterday we learned that the Nickels Machine bought nearly $50,000 worth of television time for the final week. With them essentially assured of moving through the primary election, there can only be one reason for this aggressive ad buy. I've been called "the best chance for a shake up at city," "the anti-Nickels," and "the candidate most forcefully making the case that Seattle need not settle for mediocrity," - so now the Nickels Machine has set their sights on tearing down what we have worked so hard to build.

My team and I are ready for this fight - but we need your help. I would be honored if you would consider making a financial donation to my campaign. As you know, financial support is vital to making each day count before the election. We have an ambitious goal of raising another $65,000 before August 18th to stick to our campaign plan and each gift no matter how small, helps to ensure that our aggressive efforts will continue in the days that follow.

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