Monday, August 24, 2009

Email from Joe Mallahan

Dear Friends:

I wanted to take a quick moment from the campaign trail to thank you for your support and your generosity over the last three months.
It's been a great experience listening to voters' concerns and hearing their hopes for a better Seattle. I am grateful the voters of Seattle have honored me with a chance to make my case in the general election. Now with a primary win behind us, the real work begins.

The outpouring of support for our campaign has been inspiring. Nearly 100 new volunteers have signed up via our website since last Tuesday's primary, and this past weekend the 43rd District Democrats membership supported our campaign with an overwhelming 74% vote in their straw poll compared to just 26% for our opponent. Transportation leaders, neighborhood activists, small business owners and progressive, concerned citizens are moving toward our campaign because they know the issues facing city hall are too serious and too dire to continue hand wringing over past decisions.

We need elected officials with the vision and the leadership to move the city forward. We need a mayor who understands you may get to work by bike, by bus, by light rail or by car but a transportation plan that pits one against another is a lose-lose proposition for our city. Our transportation problems require cooperation with federal, state and regional leaders. As a business executive, I have been bringing groups of people together to solve complex problems in the private sector for years and I will continue to do so in the public sector as your next mayor. We can fix what's broken, but we need the right leadership and vision to get it done.

On the campaign trail, people continue to share their concerns not only about traffic, but also about Seattle's cost of living, jobs, public safety and the economy. Seattle voters are not single issue voters. They want a government that works for all of us. They want a government that operates efficiently and delivers the basic services we need most. Seattle citizens want real transportation solutions, not more road blocks. They want a plan to reduce gang violence and to improve our quality of life in our city. As I have stated from the beginning, my values are your values, and, together, we'll work toward a better Seattle.

For the next three months I will detail my plans for Seattle and hope you will continue the dialogue with me as we build that better Seattle city government. You deserve specifics. You deserve a vision of how we are going to create jobs and get our city moving again. I look forward to the opportunity to make my case to you.

Again, I appreciate your support and the honor of moving forward to the general election.


Joe Mallahan

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